Drop Arm Test

What is Drop Arm Test (Sign)? The drop arm test is used for diagnosing rotator cuff tendon tear, especially the …

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Piriformis Test

one part showing the sciatic nerve passes below the piriformis muscle and other part showing the sciatic nerve passes below and through the piriformis muscle

What is Piriformis Test? The piriformis test is used to assess the effect of the piriformis muscle on the sciatic …

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Ely’s Test


Ely’s Test¬† Ely’s test or Duncan Ely test assesses the tightness or contracture in the rectus femoris muscle. It is …

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Ober’s Test


What is Ober’s Test? Ober’s test is used to evaluate the tightness in the Tensor Fascia Latae muscle (TFL) and …

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